Jubilee Metals Group Plc Projects & Operations
Hernic Project
Hernic Platinum Project (South Africa)

Hernic Ferrochrome Proprietary Limited (“Hernic”) the world’s 4th largest integrated ferrochrome producer

Estimated 3.2 million tonnes of platinum rich material at surface (as measured July 2016)

Further material being added by Hernic of up to 17 000 tonnes per month of platinum rich material

DCM Platinum & Chrome Project
DCM Platinum & Chrome Project (South Africa)

Jubilee holds the exclusive right to all Platinum Group Metals both currently at surface and from future mine production

Jubilee owns a 50% profit share on all chrome recovered

Commissioned upgraded chrome recovery plant in April 2016 to recover chrome from surface material

PlatCro Platinum Project
PlatCro Platinum Project (South Africa)

1 450 000 tonnes of platinum rich material at surface (increasing at an estimated 12 000 tonnes per month)

Targeting 60 000 tonnes per month processing rate for the recovery of Platinum Group Metals

Agreement executed with Northam Platinum to utilise existing platinum recovery plant based on profit share and zero plant capital outlay by Jubilee

Kabwe Project
Kabwe Project (Zambia)

Jubilee expands its surface processing footprint into Zambia to recover lead, zinc and vanadium from historical surface deposits

Jubilee partners with BMR to target the recovery of lead, zinc and vanadium from an estimated 6,4 million tonnes (3,2 million JORC compliant) of surface assets at Kabwe located in Zambia

Tjate Platinum Project
Tjate Platinum Project (South Africa)

Located in the eastern South African Bushveld Complex down-dip of Anglo Platinum’s Twickenham & Impala Platinum’s Marula mines

Independently judged to contain the world’s largest undeveloped defined block of platinum ore

A potential net 65 million ounces of platinum group elements (PGEs) and gold