Jubilee’s strategy is to build a leading international metals processing company that delivers value for all stakeholders and reverses the environmental legacies of the mining industry while taking advantage of a changing mining market and the global opportunity it presents.

Increasing environmental awareness and need for responsible stewardship is driving the requirement to reduce the large quantities of treatable surface material created by historically ineffective mining techniques. Jubilee has the technological expertise to address this industry-wide problem. The solution is summed up in our business proposition, The Jubilee Way.

‘The Jubilee Way’

  1. Secure long-term commodity production from mine surface waste materials with reduced levels of risk and capital outlay when compared to traditional mining techniques
  2. Implement proven and cutting-edge metallurgical processing solutions to recover metals from historical and current mining waste as well as run-of-mine material
  3. Utilise advanced and environmentally sustainable metal recovery techniques, ensuring a zero-effluent policy
  4. Build strategic global partnerships to develop and implement commodity value creation projects
  5. Diversify earnings through exposure to multiple commodities and widening geographic footprint

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