The growing environmental awareness and need for responsible stewardship is driving the requirement to reduce the large quantities of treatable surface material created by historically ineffective mining techniques. Jubilee has developed the technological expertise to address this industry-wide problem. The solution is summed up in our business proposition, The Jubilee Way.

‘The Jubilee Way’

  1. Long-term Commodity Production: We aim to secure sustainable production from underutilised mineral resources, significantly reducing risk and capital costs compared to conventional mining methods.
  2. Metallurgical Processing Innovations: Our strategy involves deploying both established and state-of-the-art metallurgical processes to efficiently recover metals from both old and new mining waste, as well as directly from mined material.
  3. Sustainable Recovery Methods: We prioritise the use of advanced, eco-friendly metal recovery techniques, committed to maintaining a zero-effluent policy for environmental protection.
  4. Global Strategic Partnerships: We are focused on building global partnerships to initiate and execute projects that enhance the value of commodities.
  5. Diversification of Revenue: By engaging with a variety of commodities and expanding our presence globally, we aim to diversify our revenue streams and strengthen our market position.

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