Jubilee’s chrome operations form an integral part of the Company’s overall Chrome and PGM Strategy, targeting the upfront recovery of chrome from ore to produce a PGM-containing discard stream, which is supplied to the PGM operations.

Paving the way to become a global chrome concentrate leader

Over the past 5 years, there has been enormous growth and today Jubilee has 8 individual chrome modules operating in South Africa with a capacity exceeding 1,450,000 tonnes per annum of chrome concentrate. In future, the Company is looking to expand that to 10 modules which would make Jubilee one of the world’s largest chrome concentrate producers.

Chrome Strategy

Jubilee has pioneered several industry-leading technologies in delivering on its chrome strategy. The Company’s chrome production guidance of 1.45 million tonnes per annum for FY24 comprises approximately: 67% from tolling chrome concentrates and 33% from own-sourced chrome concentrates. The Company is targeting 2 million tonnes of chrome concentrates per annum in the future which would comprise: 58% tolling chrome concentrates and 42% own-sourced chrome concentrates.

Windsor 1-7 Chrome Plant

Windsor 8 Chrome Plant

Inyoni Chrome

Jubilee’s Operations

  • Chrome ore offtake agreement fully commits Windsor Chrome for at least 3 years, with the option to extend
  • Capacity to process c. 100,000 tonnes per month of Run-of-Mine material
  • Production of 45,000 tonnes per month of saleable chrome concentrate
  • Windsor PGM containing discard further supplements new tailings feed to the PGM operations
  • A joint venture agreement securing the rights to a newly upgraded 50,000 tonnes per month of chrome processing capacity operating at full production
  • Jubilee has operational control and is the appointed joint venture manager
  • Strategically located to attract further Run-of-Mine chrome ore suppliers
  • Windsor 8 containing discard further supplements new tailings feed to PGM operations
  • Newly constructed 120,000 tonnes per month chrome processing operation
  • Fully contracted for the next 3 years with the ability to extend
  • In-house developed ultra-fine chrome processing capability targeting the recovery of fine chrome-containing particles previously discarded by the chrome industry
  • Inyoni Chrome containing discard further supplements new tailings feed to PGM operations
  • The newest addition to our portfolio in South Africa
  • Set for an upgrade where we will deploy additional operating module


- Zambia

- Zambia

In Zambia, the Company plans to replicate the modular concentrator strategy that has been so successful in the South African chrome and PGM businesses.

Chrome and PGMs
- South Africa

Chrome and PGMs - South Africa

Jubilee’s distributed Chrome Processing Modular Facilities are targeting a diversified client base offering first and second-tier chrome entities access to world class chrome beneficiation facilities.

Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) – South Africa

Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) – South Africa

Jubilee is a high-margin platinum producer, delivering exceptional returns. The PGM processing operations are centred on the Inyoni PGM Processing Plant in South Africa

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