Dilokong (“DCM”) Chrome and Platinum Project



Chrome, Fine Chrome, PGMs


Dilokong Chrome Mine (Sinosteel & Samancor JV)


Limpopo Province, South Africa


Coarse chrome operational, fine chrome plant commissioned, platinum recovery plant awaiting approvals to begin plant construction



Jubilee holds the exclusive right to all PGMs both currently at surface and from future mine production at DCM.

  • 850,000t of platinum and chrome rich tailings material at surface which contains an estimated 170,000t of chrome and 74,000oz 4E PGMs
  • Commissioned upgraded chrome recovery plant in April 2016 to recover chrome from surface material
  • Jubilee currently retains 100% of earnings until:
    – Chrome: post capex repayment 50:50 earnings split, offtake agreement in place
    – PGM: post capex repayment 67:33 earnings split in favour of Jubilee
  • Awaiting regulatory approval to commence construction of platinum recovery plant
  • Commercial production of fine chrome commenced January 2019
  • DCM fine chrome project is currently increasing throughput, achieving production output of 5,872t chrome concentrate for June 2019
  • Fine chrome recovery circuit targets 25,000t of chrome processing per month, able to produce 8,000t per month of chrome concentrate from fine chrome
  • Further chrome processing capacity of 50, 000t per month available for 3rd party feed material

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