Responsible and sustainable environmental stewardship is core to our business as a metal recovery company. By processing remnant mining residues and waste material we aim to mitigate the physical legacies of historical mining operation. We are committed to operating in a manner that is transparent and environmentally responsible, that ensures the longevity of our operations, that supports the socio-economic uplift of our host communities   

In ensuring good environmental stewardship remains at the heart of our business, Jubilee endeavours to: 

  • Improve waste minimisation measures, energy efficiencies and air, land and management systems 
  • Manage and mitigate the impact on affected natural ecosystems
  • Contribute towards biodiversity conservation
  • Ensure effective and appropriate land rehabilitation
  • Ensure that comprehensive disaster management plans are in place.  

A key illustration of our commitment to good environmental stewardship is our membership of the Zambia Mining and Environmental Remediation and Improvement Project, a government initiative to reduce environmental health risks to the local population in critically polluted mining areas in Zambia, including the Kabwe municipality. 

Key environmental legislation regulates the mining industry in South Africa and Jubilee aims to maintain a comprehensive environmental management plan for current and future operations. These plans address the risks associated with current and legacy mining waste. 

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