Jubilee Metals believes it has  a responsibility to protect and improve the lives of employee and host communities. To this end, transparent, honest and regular dialogue is at the heart of our approach to community stakeholder engagement. We take every opportunity to enhance Jubilee’s social practices and policies. We believe the greatest impact we can have is to facilitate the empowerment of our communities so they have the skills, means and motivation to uplift their socio-economic circumstances.
Positive social and community relationships are essential to profitable, sustainable and successful mining activities. We aim to build and maintain these relationships through proactive engagement and by sharing the value created by our activities. Our main social responsibility priorities are outlined below:

Quality Education 

We believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of our host communities. We have, therefore, focused on enhancing education, both at school level and above, to ensure our community members can access good quality jobs.
We support learners in local communities by providing educational material, which include stationary, books, school desks and chairs and school clothes. These materials, though, are of much greater value when the children are taught effectively. It is to this end that we funded an additional teacher at a local school. This has allowed for greater engagement between the teachers and pupils and will lead to a greater depth of learning.
We recognise the fact that some of our employees have not had the opportunity to complete a formal schooling career and we have embarked on an adult-based education programme. This programme will assist eighteen participating employees to complete a training programme consisting of communication, literacy and numeracy skills.

In FY23,  419 individuals were trained in a wide spread of skills, all 14 candidates in the inaugural Graduate-in-Training programme successfully completed the course.

Cleaner Water and Sanitation 

Access to water is a basic human right that requires attention in the broader communities. Jubilee Metals invested in water supply projects in both Tjate and Bokfontein communities to ensure access to clean water.
As many of our host community occupy informal settlements on the fringes of mines which have limited infrastructure and utility services, many residents do not have ready access to clean water. In some cases, residents will have to walk over 5km to the nearest water source.
We endeavour to facilitate such access to safe drinking water for our host communities. Our metals recovery processes effectively remove toxic substances and contaminants from historical tailings storage facilities; substances that prior to being retreated would have seeped into and contaminated ground water sources. We eliminate much of the contaminants, but our zero effluent policy means that no chemicals and materials used in the recovery of metals pollutes local potable water sources.
During the FY2022, we sunk a borehole and provided water storage tanks for the residents of Makululu village, in South Africa. We further invested in the maintenance of an existing water project in the Tjate village, in South Africa. The recycling and reuse of water is at the heart of our efficient operating model.

Recent Work and Economic Growth 

We believe in promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth through the provision of meaningful employment opportunities. We actively employed local labour in a number of areas in our business operations.
Resource efficiency is the epitome of Jubilee’s business model. Not only is the metals recovery process highly efficient in its natural resource input, but the very model of our business creates value from what most mining companies do – and society more generally – perceive as waste. Moreover, unlike mining companies, our growth is not dependent on impacting the environment to extract commodities from the earth but is rather driven by the rehabilitation and improvement of the land already disturbed to a level fit for redevelopment.

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