Jubilee Metals believes it has  a responsibility to protect and improve the lives of employee and community stakeholders. We take every opportunity to enhance Jubilee’s social practices and policies. 

Positive social and community relationships are essential to profitable, sustainable and successful mining activities. We aim to build and maintain these relationships through proactive engagement and by sharing the value created by our activities. Our main social responsibility priorities are outlined below: 

Quality Education 

Jubilee is committed to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and helping promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Despite 2020 being a challenging year for education in South Africa, Jubilee continued to sponsor four higher education bursary students. A bursar who successfully graduated in 2019, was appointed as a Graduate in Training at the Windsor operation. Furthermore, a graduate was appointed on a contract basis to assist with experiential training. A total of ten Tjate community members successfully completed a logistics skills programme to equip them with the necessary skills to be employed in the mining industry. 

Jubilee also assisted a group of students with portable skills training covering computer skills, plumbing, and sewing respectively in January 2021. Jubilee has also sponsored 500 children within Tjate and Bokfontein with a “back to school” stationery pack ensuring that these children will have the basic stationery to start another challenging year. 

Due to the negative impact of COVID-19 on the schools, two students’ tutors were sponsored by Jubilee to assist High school students in the Bokfontein community with examination preparation. 

Cleaner Water and Sanitation 

Access to water is a basic human right that requires attention in the broader communities. Jubilee Metals invested in water supply projects in both Tjate and Bokfontein communities to ensure access to clean water. In 2020 Jubilee also donated cloth masks and sanitisers to 1000 members of the Tjate and Bokfontein community. This initiative was rolled out before the first wave of this pandemic in South Africa. Jubilee are strong believers that information is power and further ensured that COVID-19 regulations and health-related information were distributed to the communities via the established forums. 

Recent Work and Economic Growth 

Jubilee believes in promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. To help meet this goal Strategic Service Level Agreements were signed to assist Local Enterprise Development. Areas of focus included general maintenance, transport, and security. These initiatives created around 40 employment opportunities for local community members. 

Jubilee has also committed funds towards the Steelbridge upgrade project in Steelpoort. This project was identified on a national level as imperative towards the economic growth in the area as well as addressing the current safety hazard to motorists and pedestrians. 

Furthermore, a request from the Bokfontein community was approved to assist in the maintenance of an access road to the community. The completion of this p roject ensured safe access for amongst others service delivery, security, and medical vehicles. 

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