Investment Case

Highly efficient, cash generative metal recovery business focuses on the treatment of existing surface tailings materials and primary mineral ore generated from third party mining operations. Our distinguishing value proposition is the positive impact of our business on all stakeholders and the environment.

  • Production of PGMs and Chrome in South Africa, key metals in both the lowering of emissions in internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, as well as the hydrogen future
  • Copper producer in Zambia. This metal is key for energy transition.
  • Significant increase in production over the past five years
  • Recent completion of two major growth projects in both South Africa and Zambia
  • Addressing mining’s environmental legacy
  • Processing remnant mining residues and waste material addresses the physical legacies of historical mining operations and assists with pollution management
  • Employing energy efficiency measures
  • Minimal waste generation
  • Experienced management team
  •  Years of experience and a proven track record in processing solutions and metals recovery
  • Entrepreneurial mindset which supports creative thinking
  • Capacity to pursue new opportunities
  • Organic growth potential secured in both South Africa and Zambia with the acquisition of further feed stock sources in both countries.
  • Engagement with major feed suppliers and governments means diversification of earnings from multiple sources, multiple metals and across multiple geographies
  • Vast waste resources offer the opportunity to replicate success from existing operations at a significantly increased scale

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