Completion of Braemore acquisition


30 October 2009
Registration number: 4459850
ISIN: GB0031852162

Jubilee Platinum Plc
(“Jubilee” or “the Company”)

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Recommended offer for Braemore Resources plc
by Jubilee Platinum plc

Scheme of Arrangement becomes Effective
Jubilee Placing acquisition condition met


The scheme of arrangement under Part 26 of the Companies Act 2006 (the “Scheme”) to implement the acquisition by Jubilee Platinum plc (“Jubilee”) of the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Braemore Resources plc (“Braemore”) has now become effective in accordance with its terms and the acquisition has been completed.

On 29 October 2009, the High Court of Justice in England and Wales (the “Court”) made an order (the “Court Order”) sanctioning the Scheme and confirming the associated reduction of capital.  The Court Order has been delivered to the Registrar of Companies in England and Wales and has been registered today.

On 7 August 2009, Jubilee announced a placing by FinnCap of 44,166,666 new shares (the “Placing Shares”) for cash to raise £13.25 million (the “Placing”). The Placing was conditional, inter alia, on the acquisition by Jubilee of the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Braemore. In consequence of the Scheme becoming effective, this condition has been met.

Following the Scheme becoming effective, 89,107,183 new Jubilee Shares will be issued, comprising 44,940,517 New Jubilee Shares to be issued to former Braemore Shareholders on the UK Register at the Scheme Record Time (the “New UK Jubilee Shares”) and 44,166,666 Placing Shares to be issued pursuant to the Placing.

The exact number of shares to be issued to Braemore Shareholders on the SA Register (the “New SA Jubilee Shares”) will be determined on the JSE Record Date, which is 6 November 2009. 

The final number of New Jubilee Shares, comprising the New UK Jubilee Shares and New SA Jubilee Shares, will be announced on or about 9 November 2009.

An application has been made to the London Stock Exchange plc for the New UK Jubilee Shares and the Placing Shares to be admitted to trading on AIM. These shares will rank pari passu with Jubilee’s existing ordinary shares and it is expected that the New UK Jubilee Shares and the Placing Shares will be admitted to trading on AIM at 8.00 a.m. on 2 November 2009.

The JSE has granted a listing for the New SA Jubilee Shares on the Main Board of the JSE with effect from the commencement of business on 2 November 2009

Trading in Braemore ordinary shares on AIM will be cancelled with effect from 2 November 2009. In accordance with the requirements of the JSE, the listing of Braemore Shares on the JSE is expected to terminate with effect from 9 November 2009.

Capitalised terms used, but not defined, in this announcement have the same meaning given to them in the circular posted to shareholders on 14 September 2009 (the “Scheme Document”).


Expected timetable of principal events

Cancellation of admission of Braemore Shares to trading on AIM

7.00 a.m. on 2 November 2009

Listing of New Jubilee Shares and Placing Shares on AIM at commencement of trade

2 November 2009

Listing of New Jubilee Shares on the JSE at commencement of trade

2 November 2009

Suspension of trading of the Braemore Shares on the JSE at commencement of trade

2 November 2009

CREST stock accounts credited with New Jubilee Shares in uncertificated form

2 November 2009

JSE Record Date

6 November 2009

Dematerialised Scheme Shareholders’ accounts (held at their CSDP or broker) updated on or about

9 November 2009

Date for dispatch of certificated New Jubilee Shares on the JSE on or about

9 November 2009

Termination of listing of Braemore Shares on the JSE

Commencement of business on

9 November 2009

Latest date for dispatch of certificated New Jubilee Shares trading on AIM

13 November 2009

All references to times are to times in London (unless otherwise stated).


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Jubilee Platinum plc

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Braemore Resources plc

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Sasfin Capital

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Braemore Resources plc

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Suzanne Johnson-Walsh

Bishopsgate Communications 

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 Nicola Taylor

Russell and Associates

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Corporate adviser

Qinisele Resources (Pty) Limited


Sasfin Capital (A division of Sasfin Bank Limited)

Sasfin Capital (A division of Sasfin Bank Limited)

Nominated adviser

WH Ireland Limited


Independent adviser

Venmyn Rand (Pty) Limited

Legal adviser in the UK

Watson, Farley & Williams LLP

Fasken Martineau LLP

Legal adviser in South Africa



Reporting accountants

Moore Stephens MWM Inc

Moore Stephens MWM Inc


BDO Stoy Haywood LLP

Saffery Champness

This announcement is not intended to, and does not constitute or form part of, any offer to sell or an invitation to purchase or subscribe for any securities pursuant to the Proposal or otherwise or the solicitation of any vote or approval in any jurisdiction. Braemore Shareholders are advised to read carefully the formal documentation in relation to the Proposal.

The availability of the Proposal to persons outside the United Kingdom might be affected by the laws of other jurisdictions. Such persons should inform themselves about, and observe any applicable requirements of, those jurisdictions.

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