PGM Market


The platinum group metals (PGMs) are made up of six transitional metal elements that are chemically, physically and anatomically similar: platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium and ruthenium.


PGMs are highly durable and are known for their purity, high melting points and uniquely catalytic properties.


For this reason, PGMs are utilised in a number of industrial processes and technology applications.


Jubilee’s financial and production planning is based on what it believes will be long-term market trends for PGMs.


Platinum is seeing a resurgence in investor activity is outweighing modest falls in industrial and jewellery demand and autocatalyst consumption is expected to recover.


Demand for both palladium and rhodium is also set to rise with stricter emissions legislation forecast to trigger a step change in demand from Chinese autocatalysts.