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Jubilee is a diversified metal recovery business with a growing world‑class portfolio of projects in South Africa and Zambia. We stand as a dynamic and versatile metals producer with a steadfast commitment to unlocking the inherent potential of low-grade, secondary and tailings materials to extract maximum value.

Operating on a visionary premise, we embrace an innovative approach that redefines traditional mining practices by reprocessing mine waste materials, thereby creating sustainable solutions for resource utilisation.

Embracing a vision of sustainability and resource efficiency, we aim to revolutionise the traditional mining paradigm by viewing low-grade, secondary and tailings materials as untapped opportunities rather than mere waste. Led by an experienced team with the ability to design, build and execute environmentally conscious metals recovery solutions, our strategy is to widen geographic and metals exposure driven by rising environmental obligations and demands for mining operations to be more efficient.

diversified portfolio

A leading metals recovery group unlocking value from overlooked resources

Revitalising Resources

Diversified exposure to future facing commodities

Turning Waste into Wealth

Innovative low-capital modular approach for high growth

Turning Waste into Wealth

Wealth of surface materials provide significant growth opportunity

Processing Solution

In-house developed processing solution for rapid deployment

Experienced team

Highly experienced management team

Jubilee has operations in both South Africa and Zambia.

In South Africa, the Company secured a strategic position in the market, focusing on the processing of both chromite reefs, overlooked by the industry due to either their complexity, or they were regarded as in-situ waste, as well as historical processed tailings. The business offers tremendous growth opportunities and is perfectly poised to secure these opportunities. In Zambia, the Company’s business model mimics the proven recipe of the South African operations, targeting both the transitional weathered copper reefs, regarded as too complex and low value, as well as the historical processed tailings. Jubilee is currently rolling out the process solution targeting the processing of transitional and weathered reef at its Roan Concentrator. Meanwhile, the tailings’ processing solution is currently undergoing technical trials by Jubilee’s development team.

Our Strategy

By embracing a vision of sustainability and resource efficiency, through a mindset of pioneering future metals production, Jubilee has embarked on a journey to extract every ounce of potential value from overlooked resources.

Jubilee Strategy

Investment to deliver sustained growth in future facing metals

Agility through processing excellence offers flexibility to rapidly react to market dynamics

Jubilee’s Chrome and PGM business

  • Self-funding expansion to reach 2Mt of chrome concentrate by 2025
  • Delivering both growth in output and increased margins
  • Jubilee’s processing excellence is the foundation for the success in its Chrome and PGM divisions

Jubilee’s Copper business

  • Clear pathway to reaching 25,000t and beyond of copper
  • Strategy to establish three operational units anchored by secured copper resources at surface
  • Sable refinery expanding to reach 16,000t of copper per annum
  • Roan expanding to reach 13,000t of copper per annum
  • Copper modular plant roll-out at the very large copper Surface Waste rock project

In-house developed processing technology

At our core, we are constantly striving to better operational efficiencies by challenging industry norms. We have a large technical development centre which is the driving engine behind the solutions we are rolling out into the industry.

Following significant success with our South African operations, we entered Zambia to recreate the success achieved in South Africa.

As a part of this mission, we acquired a refining footprint as an anchor point and from there have expanded our strategy. We are currently rolling out our modular chrome processing units. 8 of these modules make up the capacity to produce our chrome concentrates and the discard is refined at Inyoni to make 44,000 ounces (PGM) per annum. A similar approach has been adopted in Zambia, as we implement the modules to produce copper concentrate which is refined at a central location. The modular approach is compact, and light on power and water as our processing modules are closer to source and less reliant on infrastructure. This mitigates the limitations of infrastructure challenges.

World leading metals
recovery company

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