Windsor SA PGM Project





Eland Platinum


Western Bushveld Complex, South Africa


PGM processing commissioned June 2019 targeting to commence with PGM recovery before end June 2019


1.45Mt of PGM and chrome rich material currently at surface on site. Jubilee is consolidating numerous sources of third party material to increase production by utilising available capacity. Targeting 60,000t per month processing rate for the recovery of PGMs, as well as up to 12,000t per month of third party material.

  • Agreement executed with Northam Platinum to utilise existing platinum recovery plant based on profit share and zero plant capital outlay by Jubilee
  • Processing plant commissioned in June 2019
  • Targeting processing rate of 60,000t PGMs per month (production of 2,800 oz per month)

Chemical Symbol Pt
Chemical Symbol Pd
Chemical Symbol Rh
Chemical Symbol Ru
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